About Di

My story is probably no different to other ladies that have or are going through breast cancer.

On the 11 June 2018 I went for my routine 2 yearly mammogram, and driving there I thought to myself, why do I do my mammogram every year in June when July is my annual holiday, so note to myself that from next year I will do the mammogram after my July holidays.

I enter the doctor’s room, and go through for the mammo and then sonar. Usually my daughter joins me in these tests, but for some reason, she couldn’t make it that day.

The mammo is done, so now it is just a quick sonar, but it seems to be taking rather long, with poking and prodding – I am not sure what is taking so long. Then the doctor advises me that she sees something, and as a precaution, she would like to do a biopsy.

I tell her no problem, when should I book? That’s when she told me they were doing it right now. I gasped, as I was not expecting this. They start prepping and in that very moment, it just hit me. I burst into tears. What if? No, it can’t be… This happens to other people, but what if…?

When they are finished, I walk to my car, get inside and continue to cry. At this stage I phone my daughter and we meet for coffee and again I cry. She tells me, “Don’t worry Mama, it will be fine.”

My family gathered around me that evening with support, hugs, tears,  fear and shock, we all agreed that perhaps there is nothing to worry about and we wait till the morning.

I only have to wait till 9am the next morning before I receive the call. “Dianne, doctor here. We are so sorry to tell you, you have breast cancer.”

I politely say, “Thank you, I will call you back in a few minutes,” and sit down in absolute fear. All I feel is shock and panic. Now what…?

And so the whirlwind started. I had 2 weeks to go before I left for my 3 week holiday to Bali. My oncologist insisted I still go ahead with my holiday, so I pulled myself together and got all my tests done. I bought the wig and my first chemo was the day after I got back from holiday.

As I write this story, I finished the chemo in Dec 2018, had a lumpectomy in January, and I am a week away from starting radiation mid-March 2019.

I have been working on this website throughout my journey, and I hope that you will love my headwear and that it will help to make your journey a little easier and help you still feel beautiful!

I am sending blessings and strength to each and every woman out there. Stay strong and fight like a girl. You can beat this.

About the Biz

Welcome to the Beauty + Blessings online store.

We are so proud to launch this store and we really hope you are going to enjoy your online experience.

We have created this store to make your journey easier during a very traumatic time, and we want you to continue to feel beautiful and comfortable.

We offer comfortable and stylish headwear for anyone suffering with hair loss from chemo or alopecia.

We use the softest cotton and Bamboo material, and also offer beautiful children’s sleep caps and winter beanies that are fun and pretty.

Our headwear is locally made, and with this, we get to support a family. In trying to stay Proudly South African, we aim to use local suppliers for our chemo packs wherever possible.

We also stock beautiful summer sun hats that can be worn with a silk scarf underneath to create a chic look. These hats are approved by the CANSA Association and can be worn during or after treatment. They are a must for our South African summers!

We have carefully put together chemo care packs, as we know it is difficult to buy a gift for a loved one during this time. We have selected gifts that we know will be useful, based on personal experience.