Coping Tips

My oncologist gave me good advice, she said if you are going to Google, ensure you are looking at the reliable sites.

I thought I wanted to be alone, but when my daughter showed up after me telling her not to pop over, I realised I did need her, we don’t always know what we need..

I listened to meditation , during chemo and at home, and it took me to a good calm space.

My daughter downloaded an app, to keep all my app, medications and questions for doctors

I experienced a skin rash on both my arms, in fact it looked like permanent goose bumps, dry and itchy, which I was assured was a side effect of chemo, it disappeared on its own after 3 months.

Insomnia was all too rife during chemo, I really struggled to get a full night’s sleep but with some meditation and soothing music it did assist.

Even though I finished chemo 6 months ago, I am still suffering from Neuropathy, which started only on my last chemo, this is numbness in my toes, they say it could take a year to normalise, I had it in my fingers, but this returned to normal 2 months after chemo.