Diet and Hydration

During chemo I suffered terribly with dry mouth, solution was Xerostom, which is a Saliva substitute Gel, worked like a charm.
The positive side to hair loss is you have more time to yourself, no shaving, no blow waving but my eye lashes were not existent . On diagnosis the first thing I did was have microblading to my eyebrows, I just couldn’t go with no eyebrows.

My first chemo day, I had my daughter and son with me, it went so smoothly until the red bag went through my body and I was out for the count, which is not a bad thing as time went quickly. Chemo room nurses were great.

I want to share when they tell you to start drinking lots of water 2 days before chemo, believe me, it makes a huge difference. My family and work colleagues were on me every day before chemo.

 My 3rd chemo session , I was so busy at work I forget to get through my water intake, then I forget to eat breakfast before Chemo. Big mistake , for the rest of the week, I was so ill I could hardly find the energy to get up that week. My body ached that it was hard to even walk let alone go to work.
When I look back on my journey, I was not kind enough to my body or myself. I constantly told myself, you woke up breathing Di, you need to get up and tackle the day.
In retrospect I should have rested more and treated my body like a temple.
All I can say is be kind to yourself, chemo takes a terrible toll on your body, if you tired sleep , don’t worry about the mountain ahead of you, just take the hill, the mountain will still be there when you strong enough.
Dietary, well that was another problem, I couldn’t face food, oh with the exception of toast, so, that and cup o soup was my staple diet.
I’m sure you all wondering why I’m writing all the wrong things I did, but I just did the best I could and today I have now changed so much of my lifestyle.
During chemo and now as part of my lifestyle, I no longer eat red meat, yes it’s by choice but secondly since chemo I cannot look at red meat or sushi.
I have changed body products to natural products, yes there are a few exceptions in my bathroom, but natural deodorants are part of my daily routine as well as foot balms and body scrubs.
Now that my hair is growing ( exceptionally slowly) I now use sulphate free hair products.