Hair Loss

Now this is a topic that I am still fighting with today, yes my hair is growing, but chemo curls are in an abundance.

The day my hair fell out is was horrific, my grandchild of 8 was with me at my home. I got out the shower and couldn’t understand why my hair was so matted, no amount of conditioner helped. Eventually I asked my grandson to fetch me scissors and I just proceeded to cut the matted balls of hair. In the meantime my grandson frantically sent his mom a message * come quick mom * nans hair is falling out.  5 minutes later I got messages and phone calls to ask – are you ok, ( this was from people I did not know) he had accidentally posted a message on the group where I live instead of his moms phone. So there was humour whilst it was still an unpleasant experience. My hair started falling out on my 3rd chemo.

My hair stylist Shell, dropped everything she was doing and came over to the house and cut my hair short, I  chose not to shave my hair.

I bought my wig prior to Chemo, It was lovely but I must be honest, it was by no means comfortable, not to mention hot and this was in winter. I constantly was pulling it to ensure my scalp was not showing. Then they do not tell you when you buy a wig, that if you get one that is shoulder length, that eventually it starts going all fuzzy at the bottom from the friction of it rubbing on your body. So I had to go and have it cut, but by that stage I decided to just give up with the wig.